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February 18, 2017
February 19, 2017

How to launch your business

How to launch your business

You have a business idea, you know you’ll have customers, you’ve found a place of business.  And now, are you wondering how to launch your business?

Of course, you’ll have attended to your online presence.  You’ve got a website and its been search engine optimised.  And you’ve created and nurtured a social media presence.

But what about your real world presence?  Somehow you have to link your brands online presence to the real world.

Signage is essential and still outperforms online in terms of effectiveness.  One big billboard is available 24/7 and its always there – it doesn’t only appear when someone is using a tablet or iPhone.

Our team has launched several new businesses on a shoestring budget successfully and this is what we’ve learnt you’ll need, in order of priority. When you are first starting, you’ll be focussed on creating awareness for your business by making as many impressions as possible and you’ll need :

  • A billboard or large sign in a high traffic area in a location where people will see it naturally.  Keep it within a natural line of sight.  Go stand where you think your customers might be and see if the signs location is naturally visible without you having to crane your head. This sign will tell potential customers who you are, where you are, what you do and what makes you different.
  • Banner static displays or flags to create some repetition of brand around your business premises. Repetition is the most important marketing strategy; a client will need to be exposed to your brand 7 times before they even notice it.
  • A website with a structure that makes sense and that is search engine optimised. At least one paid listing with an online directory that is relevant to your business.  And a social presence on whichever platform makes most sense for reaching your target market.  Young moms might be using Pinterest and Facebook, recruitment professionals might prefer LinkedIn, teenagers may prefer instagram. When your business is young, its unlikely that you’ll have time to properly manage all the platforms, so find one and become expert in its use.
  • A vehicle wrap so that your vehicle acts as a mobile billboard throughout your local area.
  • Other mobile signage like pull up banners.  It is likely that you’ll be doing a launch event, attending tradeshows or simply greeting new customers in your reception area.  Tell them about your brand with your pull up banners.
  • Printed brochures and business cards

That is the barest basic marketing pack for a new business.   The size of your budget will determine if you will add more than that, but those are the barest basic marketing essentials to attract new customers to your business.
Remember to keep all the mediums visually consistent so a real ‘look’ is created.
Remember to repeat, repeat, repeat the same visuals and the same messages; our memories rely on repetition.

When you deal with your first few customers, you’ll focus on making their customer experience the best they’ve ever experienced and this will create the good word of mouth that will move your business status from ‘launched’ to ‘on-going’.

Good luck in your efforts, we know you’ll have great success.  If you would like us to assist with your signage requirements, please feel welcome to contact M-Tech Signs.

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