Billboard Signs

M-Tech Signs manufactures billboard signs from chromadek, PVC banner / flexface, avflex and dibond to your design.
Fast service.  Over 20 Years experience.
Billboards are generally the most visible and affordable signage option.
A Billboard sign is the most important investment you will make for your business.  A billboard draws attention to your business 24 / 7, helping you attract customers who otherwise would not know about you.  Your sign tells your customers where you are, what products you have, what you do, what your brand signifies, how you are different from competitors and creates an on- and off-line connection for your branding.
A good sign in a visible place is the best asset you can own.  If your sign is big enough, well designed with a relevant image, slogan and located in a visible, high traffic area, you have an advertising tool that makes a constant impression.
Billboards can be made from chromadek (metal), PVC banner / flexface, avflex (10 yr outdoor) and dibond (aluminium composite).  These materials suit different budgets and conditions.
The most affordable billboard option is a PVC banner signs, flexface sign or avflex sign; since they are affordable, they allow for regular refreshing of your branding or a quick and easy start to your new business.
A chromadek sign will offer long-term return on investment; it also allows for extra creativity and effect, since you can add 3D dimensions to the sign.

The size of a billboard makes it eye-catching and its one of the most effective awareness advertising mediums.

A billboard is available 24/7, to ensure your brand makes an impression constantly.

Billboards allow you to tarket a market in a particular location, which often have particular demographic audience characteristics.  However, in contrast to a phone, TV, radio, magazine or newspaper, it doesn’t have to on or open to deliver its business message, its available 24/7.
If people live in the area of your sign, then delivery of your message is guaranteed.

A well designed sign will allow your clients to understand your business quickly and easily.  Photographic or graphic information is quickly and easily understood and remembered.